Co-Talent Intellectual Property Firm (hereinafter referred to as“Co-Talent”), established in March 2016, is an intellectual property law firm designated by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) and Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) of State Administration for Industry and Commerce and registered at the Copyright Protection Center of China, with the purpose of providing comprehensive legal services in intellectual property industry related to patents (inventions, utility models and designs), trademarks, copyrights, anti-unfair competition etc.

All Co-Talent’s professionals have obtained degrees of science or engineering in famous universities and possess solid science or engineering technical backgrounds, profound legal knowledge background and excellent foreign language skills. Moreover, all Co-Talent’s partners have engaged in intellectual property agency services for more than ten years, well know domestic and oversea laws and regulations related to intellectual property, and have practical experience in domestic and oversea law services related to intellectual property.

Co-Talent’s patent attorneys can provide clients in Chinese, English, Japanese, German, and/or French with highly professional legal services related to patents in technical fields such as mechanics, electronics, communications, semiconductors, computer software and hardware, internet, biology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, materials, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Taking “Client First, Service First” as the service concept, Co-Talent takes issues into consideration firmly from clients’ point of view and provides clients with professionalized solutions, in order to maximize client’s interests.